Help us grow and bring local food to schools!

Together we can build a resilient and equitable regional food system and bring local food to schools

Would you like to see more local food served in schools?

Locally Grown is engaged in the work of building a resilient and equitable regional food system. Our work is rooted in tackling supply chain issues by sustaining collaborations between School Nutrition Programs and local producers to build sustainable Farm to School programs in Florida.

We believe that children and youth play a vital role in the future health of our regional food system and we support food education, food equity and healthy food access.

Ways to Engage

Let’s Grow Together


Sustaining a Farm to School Program requires an investment of time and resources. Your support will ensure that the future of school meals in Florida will include quality local food as well as education and action opportunities for students to learn about food and farming.


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Want to get involved? We welcome new members to join the Farm to School Coalition. We need engagement from students, parents, school staff, community partners and of course, local farmers.

What is Farm to School

and How Do We Build It? 


Local purchasing involves building farmer relationships, navigating procurement rules and budget considerations. LG is here to take that burden away from the School Nutrition Team to ensure sustainability.


We teach students reading, writing, math and so on, but we often forget we must also teach them how to eat to best nourish their bodies and minds! We support lessons that make connections to where and how our food is produced.


How do you close the loop and ensure that students will actually consume the healthy local foods being served? You let them get their hands dirty through experiential gardening!  If they grow it, they will eat it.


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Sweet, Sweet Strawberries!

Sweet, Sweet Strawberries!

If you live in central Florida, nothing is better than strawberry season. For several reasons Hillsborough County Public Schools has been unable to serve local strawberries in school cafeterias since 2017. As we worked on featuring local produce in school meals this...

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